cognito forms vs google forms

 hello everyone this is Bono Quasi an author of

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Today, I'm going to be comparing Cognito Forms to Google Forms. First, let's start with google forms, then cognito.

looking at responses from a forum you've

created using Google Forms and there's

actually a couple ways to check out the

responses from a forum and we're gonna

go over them right now so the first

thing that I do to check out the forum

in the response is is I go to Google

Drive. Drive Google comm and then you go

to recent to find the particular forum

that you were working on or the

responses that you want to check out and

I have these forums that I've been

working on recently the one that I want

to look at more closely as Amazon book

in ebook titles so I'm gonna select that

one it's going to open it up in another

tab and this will be the editing area

for the forum so if I wanted to change

the appearance or add more questions or

put in a photo or something like that I

could do that here this form by the way

asked people about certain books in

Amazon and you can see at the very top

there's the questions area

which is where you edit the questions

and then there's the responses area so

you can look at the responses right here

and let's take a look right now and

there's 42 responses you can see the

different titles that have been put in

there including some duplicates and then

it breaks it down by all the questions

that I asked on the forum so for the

first book was why didn't they teach me

this in school and so that author was

listed twice Kerry Segal and you can go

down you can see many more examples of

either duplicate titles or people who

just had one book in there and there's

42 of them.

This is interesting. Comparing cognito forms vs google forms we learn which is actually better for our needs. Google creates a graph that automatically shows

the responses in a pie chart so how many

other books has this author written so

one is most of them but then you have a

few people that have written more than

eleven books 16.7 okay that's


and then it shows the date of

publication the number of pages and now

one issue with this is while it's easy

to review them I can just scroll through

and see all the answers

I can't match each answer up to the data

that was also

part of the answer so for instance the

author and the page number and the date

of publication there's information

associated with each one of these titles

starting with this one but I have this

kind of scroll down and maybe it's not

convenient to figure out which one are

we looking at

you know this row or that row so there's

another way to take a look at your

responses in Google Forms go back to the

top where it says responses and then

right underneath it you'll see a symbol

and if you hover over it it will say

view responses in Google's sheets click

on that and Google sheets is the

spreadsheet program that's operated by

Google it's online or you can get an app

for it and it's free and it's just like

Microsoft Excel with a more limited

feature set but for what we're doing

here checking out some form responses

it's perfectly alright and this is great

so what happens here is it has each one

of the responses has a timestamp it has

a title author name how many other books

have they written the your publication

the length of the book and then if you

scroll there's a scroll bar at the

bottom and you can take a look at the

other columns that they have as well and

the great thing about being in Google

sheets aside from being able to really

easily scroll through every single one

and take a look is you can sort the

responses so let's say that I wanted to

sort the responses alphabetically by the

title basically what I could do is

select the column go to tools yes all

right data sort sheet by column B A to Z

so this will alphabetically sort it by

this particular column starting with a

and going to Z where I could do it

reverse alphabetical but I'm just gonna

do with alphabetical and what it did is

it it broke it down alphabetically and

it changed all the other columns as well

you could also do something by book

length let's say I wanted to sort it by

book length click the column F so it's

all selected data sort sheet by column F

I'm going to do z28

means from largest to smallest looks

Wendy did the other one well anyways I

think you get the idea there's all kinds

of possibilities with using this

particular tool in Google sheets or you

can just review them in Google Forms

itself for more information about how to

get the most out of Google Forms and

Google sheets check out my book Google

Drive and Doc's in 30 minutes available

from in 30 minutes calm and thanks so

much for watching.

Google forms vs Cognito Forms: the ultimate guide.

welcome to cognitive forms I'm Nadia and
in this video we're gonna walk through
the basics of building your first form
cognitive forms is an easy-to-use online
form builder that allows you to quickly
create powerful forms for your website
you can build any form you want
including contact forms registration
forms order forms and much more in just
a few minutes to get started
you'll need to sign up for an account
when you sign up be sure to take
advantage of the 14-day free trial
available on all of our pay plan levels
then just fill in your details and hit
the signup button
if necessary you can change this
information later
next fill in your billing information or
if you choose not to sign up for a trial
you can just stay on our free individual
plan once you log in you'll land on the
forms homepage after you've built some
forms you'll be able to view and
organize all of them here to build your
first form select the new form button in
the top left corner at this point you
have three options you can build your
form from scratch you can choose a
pre-built template or you can copy a
form that you've already built and this
pace will start from scratch for this
example we're gonna build a very simple
contact form when you create a new form
the first thing you want to do is give
your form a title this title appears at
the top of your form as well as in the
form URL if you want you can also add a
short description that appears under the
underneath the title and description
you'll notice an empty placeholder on
the form clicking the placeholder will
open the add field menu this is a list
of all the field types you can add to
your form the field types you use will
depend on the type of information you
want to collect for our contact forum
we'll definitely need some basic
personal information so I'm gonna add a
name field at the top when you add a
field to your form the field settings
menu appears on the left this is where
you can edit or hide the field label add
help text underneath the field decide
when the fields should appear or be
required or display a custom error
message other fields will have similar
options in their field settings but they
may differ depending on the field for
example the name field settings allows
me to optionally include input like
title or middle initial while the phone
field settings allow you to set the
phone number validation to US or
international next I'm going to add an
email field as well as an address field
using the drag-and-drop builder I can
easily resize from new fields around as

At the bottom of the form I'm going to
include two different size textbox
fields one for the contact to include
their company name and another for any
comments or questions to do this I'm
just going to add one textbox field and
then copy it to make another
at the bottom of the builder you can
click the preview button to check out a
preview of your form
next let's go to the forum submission
basically the submission settings allow
you to control what happens when someone
submits your form this is where you can
edit the confirmation message aka the
thank-you page as well as set up email
notifications and confirmations email
notifications allow you to be notified
via email whenever a new form is
while confirmations are sent to the
people who submit your form finally to
finish up our form I'm going to set some
of the fields is required to make sure
that we get all the information we need
from our contacts setting field is
required mean for the user has to fill
it in before they could submit the form
when you're finished editing your form
be sure to hit the Save button now we're
ready to style and publish from the
publish tab you can use the style editor
to customize the look and feel of your
form you can edit the form header at
logo change font types and colors add a
background image and much more
again be sure to save your changes when
you're done styling now that your form
is ready to go you have a couple of
different options when it comes to
sharing it you can copy one of the form
embed codes to embed your form directly
into your website or you can simply copy
a direct link to the form the direct
link is useful when emailing your form
or if you just prefer not to embed it
you can also share your form on social
media by clicking one of these buttons
to test out our form I'm just going to
grab the direct link and fill it out as
a regular user would.

Once I hit submit the form data is
captured by Khan uniforms and I'll see
the custom confirmation message that we
included in the form submission settings
plus if you enable email notifications
or confirmations those emails will send
out now
to take a look at the form we just
submitted we're gonna go back to
cognitive forms and select entries from
here you can view and manage all your
collected form data you can edit entries
download them to excel save them as PDFs
and much more and that's pretty much it
if you want to learn more about
cognitive forms be sure to check out our
help site or get in touch with us
thanks for using cognitive forms.

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