Linkedin software engineer

 what's up everyone my name is Brody Salvatore

and in this video you're going to learn

about how much software engineers make

at linkedin you'll also learn about the

benefits they receive and why linkedin.

is able to pay so well the company is

headquartered in sunnyvale california

and despite being owned by microsoft

they still operate fairly independently

job seekers submit 77 job applications

through linkedin every second and have

over 12 million members using their open.

to work photo frame 49 million people

use linkedin to search for jobs from 57

million companies every week now that

you have a baseline understanding about

what linkedin is all about let's talk

about the company's compensation package.

with linkedin's compensation package you

can expect to receive a base salary

which is what you would bring home on a

regular basis

the company also offers a bonus which

starts out at 10 and goes up based on

seniority with the company linkedin also.

offers sign-on bonuses from some of the

numbers i've seen it can go from forty

thousand to fifty thousand dollars of

course your mileage may vary if you

don't have any competing offers you may

not receive a sign-on bonus at all if

you have many competing offers then your

sign-on bonus might be higher than the.

ones i provided as with most tech

companies linkedin also offers

restricted stock units as part of their

compensation package

linkedin's rsu program bests over four

years with a one year cliff at

twenty-five percent after the first year.

your rsus will vest at 6.25

every three months this is one of my

favorite ways to implement an rsu

program if you want to know more about.

rsu's i'll link to another video i made

that goes much more in depth linkedin

also has a generous benefits package

which is worth eighteen thousand nine

hundred and seventy four dollars i'll

talk about these benefits and how the

company can pay for them later on in

this video now let's talk about the.

total compensation for software

engineers at linkedin

entry-level software engineers can

expect two hundred and twenty two

thousand dollars per year if you lived

in california and took zero tax

deductions you would bring home eleven.

thousand three hundred and seventy seven

dollars each month the average software

engineer brings home fourteen thousand

six hundred and fifty four dollars every

month their annual salary is just over

three hundred thousand dollars a year if

you want to know what it takes to be a

software engineer be sure to check out

my video on software engineering levels.

senior software engineers make four

hundred and fifty thousand dollars a

year this translates to nineteen

thousand nine hundred and fifty two

dollars per month keep in mind though

this is taking zero tax deductions which

is unlikely given the company also

offers a pre-tax 401k program and i'll

talk about that in just a moment. then

staff software engineers make a

staggering 27


each month this translates into an

annual salary that is just over hundred

and seventy thousand dollars what would

you do if you had a similar salary let.

me know in the comments down below keep

in mind that these total compensation

numbers do not include the estimated

value of the benefits package or sign on

bonus at linkedin these are solely based.

on the base salary annual bonus and rsu

package but cody what about people that

aren't software engineers how much money

do they make this channel is really

focused on software engineers but if you

are curious a product manager earns

between two hundred thousand dollars per

year going all the way up to 858

thousand dollars if they are a director

then product designers earn two hundred.

and nine thousand dollars as associate

user experience designers and make up to

578 000 as principals if you're a data

scientist at linkedin on the low end you

can expect about two hundred and forty

thousand dollars per year these salaries

can go up to three hundred and fifty

thousand dollars although this excludes.

staff software engineers working in ai

those salaries are in line with the

regular staff software engineer salaries

if you're an engineering manager like me

then you can expect around five hundred

and ten thousand dollars per year

directors at linkedin can make up to one

million two hundred and fifty thousand

dollars if you're wondering what i make

as an engineering manager it's nowhere.

near that amount so

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the like button linkedin has a plethora

of benefits which have an estimated cash

value of eighteen thousand nine hundred

and seventy four dollars like every good

tech company they offer employees free.

breakfast lunch and dinner their

cafeteria food is possibly my favorite

the only real contender would be meta

which has more than twice as many

employees linkedin has gender neutral

bathrooms and at this point i feel like

a broken record mentioning this in most

of my videos going forward i'll only

mention if a company does not have these

you can also expect a yearly gym and

wellness reimbursement worth two

thousand dollars from what i remember

the last time i visited their offices

you can use this for their in-house.

massage and i vaguely remember employees

getting a free massage on their birthday

the company also offers unlimited time

off unlimited sick time and they shut

down for one week at the end of the year

unlimited pto is a fairly common benefit

at most companies because they don't

have to pay for your crude time off when.

you leave if you aren't careful

unlimited time off can quickly become a

non-benefit if you want to know how to

get the most out of this benefit check

out this video i made a while back along

with their unlimited time off linkedin

has a variety of benefits related to

family planning employees can take 20.

weeks off for maternity leave along with

an additional four weeks which is unpaid

you'll get 12 weeks for a paternity

leave which is a little less but it's

better than nothing the company also has

fertility and adoption assistance

programs if you are into donations

linkedin will match yours dollar for.

dollar up to 15 000 in a given year

linkedin also has benefits related to

finance with a 401k program that has a

50 match up to nine thousand seven

hundred and fifty dollars per year in

addition to that you have a student loan

repayment benefit unfortunately i

couldn't get concrete numbers if you

have more info about this please leave a

comment below linkedin also has an espp.

program where you can contribute up to

15 of your salary to purchase company

stock for a 10 discount each quarter if

you are unfamiliar with espp it varies

from company to company but it can be a

good way to increase your annual

take-home pay of course i'm not a

financial advisor and i'm certainly not

your financial advisor so please do your

own research with that said though i'm

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bell so you don't miss any of my new

videos if you're anything like me you

might be wondering how linkedin could

possibly afford all of this. don't worry

i got you the company brought in 10

billion dollars last year from that

revenue every business line brought in

at least one billion dollars in the

previous year the company has 18 000

employees across 33 offices in the

united states and around the world

that means each employee is responsible

for 555


per year in revenue this is an average

which means that someone fresh out of

college is contributing the same amount

of revenue as the ceo of course this is

far from an exact figure a software

engineer living near the company's

sunnyvale headquarters will make more

than one living near their chicago

office the chicago software engineer

likely makes more than the one living in

mumbai and linkedin's previous ceo was

making eight hundred and fifteen

thousand dollars per year with a four

million two hundred and fifty thousand

dollar annual stock grant jeff's net

worth is somewhere around 200 million

dollars anyway the point i'm trying to

make is linkedin brings in a lot of

money the salary and benefits they

provide to their employees are a drop in

the bucket when you look at what they

get out of them if you end up accepting

a job offer from linkedin you'll want to

know how to handle having unlimited time

off while it may seem like a blessing

for many it can end up being a curse go

check out this video next to know how to

make the most out of having an unlimited

pto policy we also have a discord

community for software engineers and

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