What we want to know

There is no denying that in order to know what the truth is about anything, we need facts. We gather figures and statistics to make measurable observations. We get into the details and dive down into the particulars. Some of these specifics can be features that have not enough or too much information.

That's why we like to use forms.

We note down the hard evidence and apply the intelligence gathered to make conclusions. Some of the material can vary depending on it's background. Garbage in, garbage out means, the quality of the input has a direct effect on the output. But in order to have solid proof and make our minds, we fuel our ammunition with tangible knowledge.

We need to have opinions to make a hard statement. We read reports and return with a dossier full of file. The documentation can also be archived and the info buried deep. 

The low-down is: knowledge collection is dope, even though the devil can hide in the "deets".