cognito forms vs google forms

 hello everyone this is Bono Quasi an author of Google Drive and Doc's in 15 minutes. Today, I'm going to be comparing Cognito Forms to Google Forms. First, let's start with google forms, then cognito. looking at responses from a forum you've created using Google Forms and there's actually a couple ways to check out the responses from a forum and we're gonna go over them right now so the first thing that I do to check out the forum in the response is is I go to Google Drive. Drive Google comm and then you go to recent to find the particular forum that you were working on or the responses that you want to check out and I have these forums that I've been working on recently the one that I want to look at more closely as Amazon book in ebook titles so I'm gonna select that one it's going to open it up in another tab and this will be the editing area for the forum so if I wanted to change the appearance or add more questions or put in a photo or somethi

Image data collection services - what are they?

Do you work in an environment where image data collection is important? These types of services can be difficult to find. Well,  in this article we are going to talk about a data collection aspect of our project now as you know that when you are doing supervised learning you need a lot of data truth data is basically you have an image which you can call it as X or an independent variable and then you have a label a class label which will tell you whether these images of miracoli Maria Sharapova so that label is called Y or a target variable you need lot of these images to train our classifier now how can you collect all these images? There are four different ways of collecting this number one is very obvious you go to Google Images start downloading these images one by one now this approach is very manual and labor intensive for our project it works we need probably fifty or more images so it's not that bad but if you are training a huge algorithm with so much data then manually d

Linkedin software engineer

 what's up everyone my name is Brody Salvatore and in this video you're going to learn about how much software engineers make at linkedin you'll also learn about the benefits they receive and why linkedin. is able to pay so well the company is headquartered in sunnyvale california and despite being owned by microsoft they still operate fairly independently job seekers submit 77 job applications through linkedin every second and have over 12 million members using their open. to work photo frame 49 million people use linkedin to search for jobs from 57 million companies every week now that you have a baseline understanding about what linkedin is all about let's talk about the company's compensation package. with linkedin's compensation package you can expect to receive a base salary which is what you would bring home on a regular basis the company also offers a bonus which starts out at 10 and goes up based on seniority with the company linkedin also. offers sign-

Is Data Storage in the Cloud less safe than On-Premise?

Find out in a recent study called:  The future of  legacy application  data and the cloud. Sources: This study answers almost all your questions about the safety aspect of gathering digital information, helping you decide on On Premise servers or cloud. So is the Cloud less safe than On-Premise? Read on: Why is data storage trending away from the traditional on-premises   environment towards cloud environments and do we feel safe going in